iDry Waterproof Phone Case for iPhone 3G / 3GS
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iDry Waterproof Case for iPhone 3G / 3GS

Brand new and exclusive, the iDry is the must-have case for anyone wanting to enjoy their iPhone at the beach, around the pool, on a boat - anywhere where the risk of splashing or submersion would stop you using it!

This model is designed specifically for the iPhone 3G / 3GS, but many other phones which are smaller in size will also fit.

It takes less than 10 seconds to fit your iPhone into the iDry, and once its in, you have a completely watertight seal, and can go down to a depth of 5 metres.

  • Make and receive calls, take photos, send texts, listen to music on loudspeaker
  • Protect your iPhone from damaging water splashes and sand getting in cracks and crevices
  • Convenient (and detachable) neck strap helps prevent accidental drops
  • Easy to clean, lightweight and strong

Easy to Install

The essential case for any holiday! Put it in the case during the day, and if you don't want the extra bulk for the evenings, just take it out - its so quick and easy to do!

Common Questions

Can I listen to music with iDry?

Yes, you can listen to your music over the loudspeaker.

Can I take photos with iDry?

Yes, iDry has been designed specifically to allow you to take quality photos whilst your phone is in it. In fact, you would struggle to tell any difference from when the phone is in or out of the case.

Can I make and receive phone calls?

Absolutely yes

Does it work the same when fully submerged?

Because of the pressure of the water on the screen, you won't be able to press any buttons whilst the phone is fully submerged. As soon as it is out of the water, even when dripping wet, you will have full functionality. However, if you put music on before submerging, the music will continue to play even when fully underwater

What models of iPhone does it work with?

iDry has been designed to work with the 3G and 3GS models, and also works well with the iPhone 4 (since the iPhone 4 is slightly smaller than the 3G/3GS models, it will be a little loose in this case but still work fine - alternatively if you only use the iPhone 4, we would recommend purchasing the dedicated iDry for iPhone 4 case)

Other Compatable Models Although designed for iPhone, the iDry also works great with the following models:

  • iPod touch
  • Blackberry Curve, Storm 2, Pearl, Bold 9700
  • HTC Hero, Ozone, Touch Pro 2, Aria, My Touch, Tilt 2
  • Nokia N8, Nuron 5230
  • Samsung Captivate, Momement, Craft, Seek, Gravity, Instinct HD, Intercept, Transform
  • And many more - basically any device smaller than an Apple iPhone 3G/3GS